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About Bruce

Bruce is an inveterate doodler.


Years of archiving post it notes of doodles from work meetings, he decided to elaborate on these patterns and produce full drawings. The results is a collection of drawings called The Meeting Minutes.


Driven by the act of repetition and consistency some drawings take 50+ hours and require controlled breathing and a calm mind.


Bruce describes the benefits for him as two fold, the collecting and organizing of thoughts and how the outcome is a result of a meditative repetitive process. The relationship between the brain and hand has remained intact, yet producing different results.


Bruce believes shared experiences are one of the most effective forms of art and interpretation of art. "That is the connection point for viewers: since everyone doodles, everyone has a different interpretation of what they experience in my work."


 No two people have the same reaction, the same impression(s) or perspective.


Bruce is married to a supportive non-doodler and is the father of two inspiring doodlers. Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, he currently works as an independent IT consultant.

Doodles in Public Places


2nd place  MARTK'D Sneaker Design Competition

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia


Participated in the Sketchbook Project

The Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY



MON'O'CHROME - The Dart Gallery

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia



Meeting Minutes: The Power of the Doodle( r)

The Craig Gallery. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia



Lines / Grids / Patterns - Contributor

Published by The Brooklyn Art Library

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